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Mariah’s Oscar Secret

OSCAR BLOG: FOX411 was on the red carpet talking to Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Sandra Bullock and more. Check out our exclusive Oscar coverage now…

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Mariah’s Oscar Secret

Oscars Live Video Stream – Watch Online [Academy Awards]

As a result of failed contract negotiations, Disney pulled New York affiliate ABC7 off of cable company Cablevision’s channel lineup early this morning, leaving over 3 million people without a channel to watch the Oscars on tonight unless they tune in over the air.

We’d like to offer those 3 million people the following online viewing alternatives. These options will also be good extra material for folks who do have the ability to watch on their TVs.

For the Ceremony: Liveblogs

The live video options on this list won’t cover the Oscars ceremonies; they’ll just plug you in to what’s going on on the red carpet and backstage. If you want to follow the awards show itself without turning on the TV, liveblogs are your best option.

As with the other choices on our list here, these can also be supplements to over-the-air, cable or satellite TV viewing. Here are a few to choose from.

The A.V. Club
Associated Content
Entertainment Weekly

The Red Carpet: The Associated Press/Livestream

We’ve embedded the Associated Press and Livestream’s “AP Live” video widget above. It will show red carpet coverage, and you can use it to track and make Twitter and Facebook updates about the Oscars.

You can also watch AP Live at Livestream, Facebook and AT&T Entertainment.

Oscar.com Facebook Webcast

ABC’s live red carpet show streams stream at Oscar.com from 3:00 to 5:00 PM PT (6:00 to 8:00 PM ET). The stream will be attached to a Facebook discussion engine, and many of the reporters’ questions will be pulled from there.

It’s similar to what CNN did with Facebook for President Obama’s inauguration and the Michael Jackson memorial service.

After the ceremony starts you’ll be given a look backstage, but there won’t be a live stream of the ceremony itself. You might get an even more in-depth experience, though. Oscar.com will host a “Thank You Cam” for award winners who want to say more than they did on stage.


TVGuide’s “fashion cam” will probably be minimalistic but it will be sufficient for seeing all the fantastic clothes the stars will wear as they walk down the red carpet. We’re not able to embed it here because TVGuide hasn’t provided a way to do so yet, but we do have the link to TVGuide’s Oscar video library. We’ll add it as soon as it’s up.

You can also check out TVGuide’s six-part Academy Awards preview video series.


You can use social media to track what’s going on with the Oscars. “Oscars” is already a trending topic even though it’s several hours before the show as we’re writing this.

Just watch the stream for that topic and you’ll definitely hear about each big turn and revelation as it happens. The commentary of the masses should prove interesting too.

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Watch Oscar Carpet Live!

FoxNews.com is live Webcasting the red carpet tonight from 6:30-8 p.m. ET. Watch here and chat with our experts!

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Watch Oscar Carpet Live!

8 Great Spotify Hints, Tips and Tricks

We’ve already brought you a how-to guide to get started with Spotify (read that first if you don’t know what it is), but now we’re delving a little deeper into the music streaming software with a look at some hints, tips and tricks that will help you get the most of the service.

Have a read below to see eight great ways to make your Spotify experience smoother, both within the service and via third-party services. And, as always, do be sure to let us know in the comments if there are any great Spotify user hints you have to share.

1. Advanced Search Options

While you’ll likely find tons of music you like by browsing around Spotify’s click-based system, there will be times you want to find a specific track and don’t want to muck around with fuzzy searches or the like. That’s where Spotify’s advanced search options come into their own.

Simple search terms include sticking title:, album: and artist: at the front of a text-based search query to narrow down results to those three fields, but you can further refine searches for an even more targeted result.

If you wanted a quick trip down memory lane, you could search year:1999 to bring up tracks tagged with that particular year. Likewise, you can search a range of years through year:1999-2004. You can follow the same logic to search by genre, so genre:blues will offer you up a vast range of blues tracks in a jiffy.

This gets advanced when you combine those terms to get a smaller list of results, hopefully containing just what it was you were looking for. Say you only like the old Fleetwood Mac. To get songs you know you want to hear, you could type artist:”fleetwood mac” year:1967-1975.

2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Those of you skilled in the ways of keyboard shortcuts will be pleased to note that Spotify has a ton that will have you control-clicking quickly around the software in no time at all. While some are the same as you’re already used to (e.g cut is control-x or command-x, and paste is the same with v), here are some of the main shortcuts we’ve found useful, for both Windows PCs and Macs.

Play and pause: Spacebar / Spacebar

Turn the volume up: Control-Up / Command-Up

Turn the volume down: Control-Down / Command-Down

Mute the audio: Control-Shift-Down / Command-Shift-Down

Skip to the next song: Control-Right / Control-Command-Right

Go back to the previous song: Control-Left / Control-Command-Left

Make a new playlist: Control-N / Command-N

Land on the search box: Control-L / Command-L

Go back: Alt-Left / Command-[

Go forward: Alt-Right / Command-]

Logout (close in a hurry): Control-Shift-W / Command-Shift-W

3. View All Versions of a Song

Spotify shows a little circular symbol with an arrow below a line when there is more than one version of a particular song. This feature can be useful if you’ve found the right song, but the wrong version.

As an example, say you look up Bob Dylan’s Girl From The North Country but it’s not the version you wanted with Johnny Cash. If you click the symbol, Spotify will display that version too, as well as any others it may have in its database.

This feature is not perfect — it didn’t group Gary Numan’s remastered version of Cars in with the other versions, for example — but is generally a handy way of finding alternative, acoustic, live, or radio edit versions of songs.

4. Enable Last.fm Scrobbling

This one’s not rocket science, but it is a feature that’s not exactly promoted so we thought it worthy of mention. As with other music software, like iTunes, et al., Spotify can scrobble the music you are playing on Spotify to Last.fm (i.e. send it to your Last.fm profile).

It’s super-simple to enable this link-up. Just go to the edit menu from the top-right menu bar, click preferences, scroll down three or so options and you’ll see a Last.fm box. If you enter your Last.fm username and password and check the “Enable scrobbling to Last.fm” button, it will do just that.

Now, your Last.fm “Recently Listened Tracks” will display your Spotify streams.

5. Decode Spotify URLs

If you’ve seen someone tweeting a track, or happened across a Spotify URL that you’re curious about but don’t want to launch the application (or aren’t on a Spotified computer) there’s a site that offers “decoding” of such mysterious URL strings.

Head over to http://spotify.url.fi/ and you’ll see a box to enter the text into. Once you do, the track or album will be revealed to you. It’s a pretty basic site, as you’ll see from the results screen grab above, but it works, and will get you the data you require with minimum fuss.

6. Clean Up Your Spotify URLs

As well as decoding them, you can also use a tool that will get a little more info out of your Spotify URLs. Instead of the seemingly random string of numbers and letters, Cleanify will take your HTTP link and add the artist’s name and track’s title while preserving the Spotify direct link.

7. Shorten Spotify URLs

There are a few services that help you shorten the long Spotify URLs so that you can actually get a word in edgewise if you wanted to retweet it, for example.

We think a really neat option is spo.tl (slogan: Shorter, prettier Spotify links), a Spotify-focused URL shortener that not only squishes down the URL to a manageable size, but offers direct links to Facebook and Twitter for easy sharing.

Clicking through to Twitter auto-pastes the artist name and song title (as well as the new URL) in the text box, while Facebook click-throughs generate the album art too, just as with a direct FB share from within Spotify.

8. It’s Not Just Music

You may well have signed up to the Spotify service because of all that sweet, free, streaming music, but now you’re creating a zillion playlists, microblogging your music taste to all, and playing “guess the song” with your cubicle buddies. What else does Spotify offer?

Well, a fair bit more than just music. Comedy is one thing — there’s tons of stand-up material available. Audiobooks are another, with Chris Anderson’s Free the first such title to debut last year. There are also audio travel guides, speeches and podcasts — in fact, a veritable wealth of non-music audio exists on Spotify. However, there is a catch.

At present, there is no way to easily identify non-music content available, not even via a genre search. The only way you will come across such content is by searching by keyword or the artist’s name with the option to click through to “Related Artists” (on the top-right of an artist’s homepage) for more suggestions.

It’s a bit of an omission from Spotify, so we hope that an update will bring such functionality — and soon.

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8 Great Spotify Hints, Tips and Tricks

Foursquare and SPIN Magazine Turn SXSW Into Musical Scavenger Hunt

For complete SXSW coverage, check out Mashable’s SXSW channel.

Popular music magazine SPIN is going geeky for South by Southwest’s music festival, integrating custom Foursquare badges into its event presence and rewarding the most adventurous users of the location-based game with free tickets to their annual music showcase at Stubb’s.

Festival goers who check-in at music venues can earn points and collect the four custom SPIN badges. Each badge — should you attempt to unlock it — offers a unique experience of the festival and turns the SXSW music experience into a complex scavenger hunt.

Don’t expect these badges to come easy. To earn the SPINsider badge, users will need to check out three bands that SPIN editors recommend. For the Trailblazer badge, users are tasked to see three shows outside of downtown Austin. As for the Animal Collector badge, that requires seeing three bands with an animal in their name, while the Bands on the Run challenges the most diehard of fans to see seven bands in one day.

Of course those that make the effort to unlock the badges could be gifted with a handsome reward — two free tickets to SPIN’s annual showcase SPIN@STUBB’s, which features both up-and-coming artists and more recognizable names like Hole. Unlock the badges and be one of the first ten people to present them at the SPIN loft and the tickets are yours.

SPIN’s Foursquare badge challenge is quite remarkable. From our perspective we see this partnership as a sign that Foursquare’s service transcends the techset, appeals to mainstream audiences, and can apply to any vertical.

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Foursquare and SPIN Magazine Turn SXSW Into Musical Scavenger Hunt

Granny DJ Spins the Internet into a Frenzy [Randomly Viral]

This little news item has yet to go totally viral, but it’s definitely on the cusp: Behold DJ Ruth Flowers, a 69-year-old world-spinner, groove-shaker, beat-maker from Paris, France.

This CBS News story hit YouTube yesterday and has so far garnered nearly 10,000 views, but its burgeoning popularity on Internet video sites is sure to make it a viral sensation by the end of the weekend.

Why? Well, because this story has all the makings of a viral hit:

Elderly Person + Incongruous Activity + Proper British Accent = Instant Pass-along

Add to that the fact that Flowers is actually a halfway decent DJ and you’ve got one enjoyable little vid. Flowers says of her act — which was born during her grandson’s birthday party — “It’s a little bit glammy — a little bit perhaps over the top — but it fits the bill, I think.”

We would tend to agree, DJ Flowers, we would tend to agree.

[via Buzzfeed via Funzine]

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Granny DJ Spins the Internet into a Frenzy [Randomly Viral]

Hulu Users Tag Leno’s Return as “Vomit Inducing” (and Much Worse)

Before NBC heralds Jay Leno’s triumphant return to late night (the TV ratings are great) it might want to check out The Tonight Show’s Hulu tag pages. The show has garnered seven pages of astoundingly negative user-created tags — think “sellout,” “craptastic,” “vomit-inducing,” and “coco crybaby” — that speak to the sentiments of web denizens.

As you no doubt recall, the NBC late night debacle ended with Conan O’Brien leaving The Tonight Show and Jay Leno stepping back into his former role. Sides were taken and it became immediately clear that Conan won the hearts and minds of the Internet.

With Conan taking to Twitter (with his small army in tow), Leno is left to return The Tonight Show to its former glory. Despite strong ratings this week, Leno is still facing a backlash from those of us with a penchant for Conan’s style and resentment for how the situation was handled.

The overwhelming number of negative tags on Hulu are every indication that there’s a huge disconnect between television audiences and web users. It’s a rift that could have long-term effects on The Tonight Show’s success and Jay Leno’s approval ratings.

We’ll leave you with a few screenshots of those tags and a viral video spoof of the ad promoting Leno’s return.

[via True Slant]

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‘The Hurt Locker’ Could Be Lowest Grossing Oscar-Winning Film in History

“The Hurt Locker” may be neck-and-neck with “Avatar” in the race for best picture at Sunday’s Oscars, but in terms of box office, it’s bringing up the rear.

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‘The Hurt Locker’ Could Be Lowest Grossing Oscar-Winning Film in History